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Alaskans, the Nature’s Head® Waterless Composting Toilet is here for YOU

Nature's Head Composting Toilet. Made in the USAWherever you live, recreate, or work in Alaska or anywhere you are remotely, you can have an indoor toilet that works beautifully, requires no water (is not a flushing system), fits in small spaces, and is affordable. Perfect for boats, dry cabins/yurts, wall tents and camps, RVs, remote communities, on or off the grid, anywhere you need a toilet. No pump-outs, no septic systems, no odor. High quality made in the U.S.A., this is a toilet to love!

Nature’s Head® is self-contained, light weight (28 lbs.), urine diverting, and the base requires only two gallons of moistened sphagnum peat moss to receive between 60 to 80 poos before emptying. Hardware is stainless steel (no rusting) with robust construction and is designed to withstand the harshest of conditions. The toilet size is less than 20 inches high, wide, and from front to back. You need only a few inches from the back of the wall to accommodate sliding the seat off the hinge in order to empty the base. The spider style handle (macerator) turns the solids in the peat moss and decomposition starts immediately while the smell is woodsy. Disposing separated waste is much more economical and easy than combined waste, and with no sewer odor.

The toilet, installation components, and guide come to you in one box. All you need to add is an outside vent to facilitate the composting process, a compost medium (typically plain sphagnum peat moss), and a means for powering the low amp fan. The simple 12-volt computer fan drawing less than 2 amp hours (12 volt power) in 24 hours is the only power required to run the unit. The power plug, a single pin attachment with a wire length of 6 feet comes with your Nature’s Head®. Also, a fuse holder and fuse is provided for use in a non-protected 12-volt system, such as a direct attachment to a battery.

Alaskans, don’t compromise your quality of life by not having an indoor toilet when the Nature’s Head® Waterless Composting Toilet can be installed in your smallest of space. Folks love the convenience of the Nature’s Head® and are no longer relying on a smelly outhouse, messy five-gallon bucket, or port-o-potty. It’s easy to install and maintain; take care of it, and it will work perfectly for you.